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In 2011 We built our first bale processing wagon to streamline the feeding process.  Our innovative new all hydraulic powered bale processing wagon, the Range Boss, is powered using a hydraulic pump system driven off the crank of a truck or the PTO of a tractor.  By doing this we have eliminated all other drive lines. We also use hydraulic motors to power our chopper drums, eliminating chains and sprockets.  This allows the Range Boss to operate more smoothly, quietly, and efficiently than the competition.

The Range Boss also comes with an array of options ranging from a back fence to push the bales clear into the knives, to scales to help you perfect your rations and save you time and money.  The Range Boss is designed to fit three bales wide, and two bales long, which allows you to mix three different types of forage, and cuts down the cost of your rations.

 in Action

Range BOss feeder

"Streamlining the feeding process"

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Range boss feeder