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     The VM-3 is our most popular Bale Fork, built to pick up three - 3x4 bales.  Featuring: 4) 24" Miller Spikes, and 10) Medium Hooks in the uprights, then 5) 32" Miller Spikes in the base.

    The VM-3 has a 4,000 pound capacity, as well as 3,000 lbs of hydraulic pressure controlling the hooks.

     Options include extra large hooks, larger Miller Spikes, and a 4x4 top with spike sockets.

     As always we carry a full line up of replacements parts, including a full range of sizes on the Miller Spikes, collars, hooks, bushings, and actuators.

Inventory on hand

  Our on hand inventory varies month to month, and goes fast.  Call to find out what we have on hand and get a quote.


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     For any questions for quotes feel free to call and talk to any of our knowledgeable sales staff


our newest product

    Since 2011 Blue Mountain Manufacturing has been working on our newest product.  The "Range Boss".  The Range Boss is an all hydraulic powered bale processing machine, built to streamline the feeding process.

To see it in action Click Here